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Embrace the Cool at Stockholm’s Oldest Jazz Festival

Sometimes, around October, particularly as the weather cools and the nights start to darken, we get a yearning to slap on some jazz, dim the lights and just sit back and enjoy. 

We have found a way, however, to spectacularly embrace this desire and we have found it in one of the coolest cities on earth. Stockholm holds its annual Jazz Festival from the 6th – 15th of October and it is easily one of the trendiest and most musically inspiring events in the calendar.

The Stockholm Jazz Festival is one of the oldest festivals in Sweden and is such a major event the whole city gets involved. Jazz, funk and soul descend upon the capital in a cloud of sublime sounds, as a variety of venues host concerts, gigs and jam sessions.

This festival really embraces the spirit of jazz, and here the jams are considered just as important, and are just as revered, as the well-known hits.

This is jazz as it is meant to be experienced – as something tantalisingly vibrant and real – this is a jazz festival with soul.

It helps that it attracts some big names, too. Held in five venues across the city, travel around to hear music from industry legends. Already signed up for 2018 are Ida Nielsen, Shai Maestro Trio, Donny McCaslin, The Bad Plus, Judith Hill, Julian Lage, Anomaly, Daniel Karlsson Trio and several artists are now ready for the Stockholm Jazz Festival.

As well as hearing, there is also so much to see and experience at Stockholm Jazz Festival. The Concert Hall is regarded as a neoclassical masterpiece and Fasching Jazz Club, well known for its live jazz sessions since 1977, has an atmosphere that only years of extraordinary music and inspiring people can create. Get a table on the gallery and look down - you’ll see what we mean.

Yazz Ahmed Shai Maestro
Alfa Mist Ida Sand

By day you can bask in the particular nonchalant effervescence of the Scandi folk and by night bop away to some of the jazz world’s biggest and best. It’s truly a festival not to be missed.

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