Code Art Fair Copenhagen 2018, Denmark
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Taking Code: Copenhagen’s cutting-edge art fair 2018, Denmark

In the last decade, the art world has changed drastically. What was once a niche circle of collectors, curators and artist, has transformed into a global business with galleries that behave like international corporations. 

Most would say this is a rather bleak perspective, or a rather negative evolution, but there are many upsides to the current state of the art market. 

For one, galleries and art fairs have become plentiful and are therefore less elitist. Whereas in the past there was a lot of secrecy surrounding sales – and there still is some with regards to who buys for how much – the access to artworks has undoubtedly been democratized.  

As a member of the public, you can simply purchase a ticket to an art fair and peruse the booths. In response to this trend, art fairs have been cropping up in all major cities, but also in more remote parts of the world that would have been far from artistic centres of the art market. 

One such art event is Code Art Fair, the only international art fair in Scandinavia. Held in Copenhagen, Code is just as ambitions, vibrant and forward-looking as the Danish capital that hosts it. 

For the third year in a row, Code will take place in Copenhagen’s Bella Center, a dramatic glass and steel structure bathed in natural light – all the better to admire the progressive and thought-provoking contemporary art that is on show. 

Over the course of four days, 75 galleries, representing 300 artists, will be offering performances, installations, lectures, films and more at this impressive venue. 

Abrahams, Johnny (US) – The Hole | Code Art Fair Copenhagen 2018, Denmark  | Code Art Fair Copenhagen 2018, Denmark
Achenbach, Christian (DE) – Hans Alf Gallery  | Code Art Fair Copenhagen 2018, Denmark  | Code Art Fair Copenhagen 2018, Denmark
Johannes Bendzulla, Fuck Your Ideas  | Code Art Fair Copenhagen 2018, Denmark Claire Fontaine Untitled (Negative) (2016), Nylon flag. 1200 × 1800 mm  | Code Art Fair Copenhagen 2018, Denmark
Anne Collier, Woman Crying  | Code Art Fair Copenhagen 2018, Denmark Dorian Gaudin | Pinch the Screen (2017)   | Code Art Fair Copenhagen 2018, Denmark

Taken in enough visual stimuli and ready to let it all digest? Engage further in deep conversation about the wonderful art that has moved you at the Sanders Hotel, only 20 minutes away with Metro line 1. Sure to become the meeting place for those aforementioned artists, curators and collectors, find your spot here too, to mingle, learn and bathe in modern townhouse luxury. 

Edition of Code Art Fair, taking place August 30 – September 2, 2018.

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Images © Code Art Fair, Johnny Abrahams, Claire Fontaine, Christian Achenbach, Johannes Bendzulla, Anne Collier & I DO ART Agency


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