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From Mood board to Paddle Board - Our New Hotel

Meet Household, the interior design team behind our newest hotel addition and soon-to-be opened this summer, Another Place, The Lake. A fabulously earthy retreat in the heartlands of England's Lake District National Park, The Lake is settled on the shores of beautiful Lake Ullswater, a hotel abode of nature and casual luxe. 

Born in Shoreditch, London, Household is a pioneer in the realms of retail culture, branding and experience design, with clients ranging from The White Company to Christian Louboutin to Harrods and Soho House, no less. To distil The Lake's motto of 'active-relaxation', Another Place engaged Household to help envisage and design this lakeside retreat. Having previously worked with the team at the Watergate Bay in Cornwall, Household set about creating a new hotel icon in the heartlands of the Lake District, Cumbria - which opened this summer 2017.


We spoke to Household about infusing interior style with surrounding nature, creating fluid family spaces perfect for all things ‘active relaxation’, and how best to enjoy the view.

The Lake hotel, Lake Ullswater, Lake District, Household
The Lake hotel, Lake Ullswater, Lake District, sheep, countryside The Lake hotel, Lake Ullswater, Lake District, countryside, paddle boarding
Lake Ullswater, Lake District, countryside, mountains, scenery

What inspiration did you take from the Lake District’s Lake Ullswater?

We were inspired by its deep drama - stories of the lake being carved by an ice-age ribbon that nestled between mountains, and the resulting natural views that were so loved by poet Wordsworth.

With this backdrop as our narrative, we set out to design a heart-stirring hotel, one that imagines ways for guests to get as close to this breath-taking landscape as possible.

How did you make the most of the view? 

All the new bedrooms have views out across the lake with large, full height windows, and the pool is a panoramic lakeside experience too – flanked by two walls of glass and with a natural skylight, you can swim into the hills or float beneath the clouds (or if you fancy, just chill in the outside hot tub!) 

The Living Space and Terrace also face the lake – spacious communal spots for family fun, foodie adventures or just some solo relaxing, effortlessly blurring boundaries between luxe hotel comfort and the beauty of your Lake District surroundings.

How did you balance the old Georgian house with the new family wing?

Authenticity is key, so we built the new wing around the idea of it being a luxurious ‘barn’ to the original white Georgian house, inspired by barn door motifs and simple, rustic functionality, executed in a beautiful way.

We celebrated the contrast by mixing original antique furniture with bespoke additions, cloudy limestone surfaces and contemporary weaves throughout upholstery and curtains, seamlessly balancing the old with the new.

How is the interior design geared so perfectly for families? 

A lot of practical thinking went into designing specifically for families, the family rooms are large enough for additional beds, and loft suites have bunk rooms and bright patterned wallpaper, just for kids. 

What colour palette did you choose for The Lake?

The landscape inspired our design for the interiors of The Lake, as The Lake is all about blurring boundaries, embracing the surrounding nature and making space for relaxed living and as much adventure as you like, so we chose earthy tones and seasonal accents like wools and tartans to represent the locality and give a feel of changing seasons. 

The open, accessible atmosphere (and cubby holes for some downtime snoozing) merge perfectly with family living and holidaying with the clan.

The Lake hotel, Lake Ullswater, Lake District, Household, interior design
The Lake hotel, Lake Ullswater, Lake District, Household, interior design, fireplace, cosy The Lake hotel, Lake Ullswater, Lake District, Household, interior design, ceiling tiles
The Lake hotel, Lake Ullswater, Lake District, Household, interior design, mood board, textiles,


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