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Gourmet Bakeries - Stockholm

The Swedish ritual of fika is simply a foodie must-do when travelling to Stockholm, and lately this foodie fave has been getting a luxury, Michelin-starred makeover. A number of innovative new bakeries have been popping up all over Stockholm, helmed by Michelin-starred chefs that are reinventing this foodie classic. Below are our fave fika haunts in Stockholm, perfect for a sight-seeing stop-off and some lip-smacking pastries – be they heritage classics, gourmet offerings or crafted by Michelin-starred pros.

The word fika is derived from the 19th-century slang term that reverses the syllables in kaffi, the Swedish word for coffee — fika is a moment of pause where one steps back from the daily grind. “It’s a short break from work, where you build more personal relationships with your co-workers,” said Swedish entrepreneur Mikael Larsson. “It is a way to catch up with friends, family or a new love interest.”

Usually, that means a cup of coffee accompanied by a pastry, most likely a kardemummabulle (cardamom bun) or kanelbulle (cinnamon bun) — lightly sweet, delightfully fluffy concoctions flavored with cinnamon or cardamom, twisted into a snail-shaped bun and sprinkled with a coating of pearl sugar. We like things gourmet - below are our favourites.


Kungsgatan 55, 111 22 Stockholm
+46 8 20 84 05

Vete-Katten, fika, Stockholm, bakery, sweden traditional

Vete-Katten is an 89-year-old Stockholm institution that prides itself on the freshest of baked breads and pastries. Behind its serving counter and coffee rooms nestle a labyrinth of corridors scented with centuries of flour, spice and the sweet aroma of freshly-baked bread.


Riddargatan 4, 11435 Stockholm
+46 8 611 16 12

Sturekatten, fika, Stockholm, bakery, sweden, traditional, ceramics

Sturekatten is one of the city’s oldest cafés and bakeries. Housed in a 17th-century building just off of Stureplan travel back in time in this menagerie of kitsch heritage and old-world vibes. It also has a beautiful outdoor terrace in the summer.


Biblioteksgatan 6 - 8, 111 46 Stockholm
+46 8 684 23 850

Peer into the glass wall of Wienercaféet, founded by Daniel Lindeberg, the Lindeberg of Michelin-starred Frantzen/Lindeberg restaurant, and witness bakers hard at work, perfecting pastries inspired by Vienna and Paris. Go for the classic kanelbulle or kardemummabulle, or the vaniljbulle — a vanilla-flavored take on the traditional buns filled with pastry cream. 

Lindeberg Bageri & Konditori

Orminge Centrum, 132 30 Saltsjö-Boo
+46 8 715 04 48

Lindeberg Bageri & Konditori, fika, stockholm, gourmet, foodie Lindeberg Bageri & Konditori, fika, stockholm, gourmet, foodie

Lindeberg left Wienercaféet (above) to open Lindeberg Bakeri & Konditori, which uses organic ingredients and is aimed at creating high-quality, gourmet, fresh sourdough bread alongside an assortment of baked delights.

Green Rabbit Bakery

Tegnérgatan 17, 111 40 Stockholm
+46 8 20 46 26

Green Rabbit Bakery, fika, stockholm, gourmet, foodie

Michelin-starred chefs Martin Berg and Mathias Dahlgren opened Green Rabbit Bakery in Stockholm’s Vasastan neighbourhood. Armed with a focus on using fresh ingredients and Swedish grains to produce freshly-baked rye bread, the quaint corner shop offers sesame rye and Danish rye, and Danish smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches), along with pastries perfect for fika.


Karlavägen 100, 115 26 Stockholm
+46 8 466 88 90

K-Markt, fika, stockholm, gourmet, foodie K-Markt, fika, stockholm, gourmet, foodie

While K-Märkt prides itself on using seasonal ingredients and producing no waste, its cakes and pastries are the creation of Sweden’s leading confectioner - Daniel Roos. Designer of unique colours, shapes and pastries, these culinary delicacies simply pop from their glass display as your eyes travel along it.

Urban Deli

Urban Deli is a hip restaurant and market with numerous locations in Stockholm, serving cakes and coffee alongside their popular restaurants and delis. 

A journey to Stockholm is not complete without a peek at a slice of cake and a freshly brewed coffee – it’s fika time. And with so many cafés and bakeries to choose from, it’s a good thing fika happens every day.

Urban Deli, fika, stockholm, gourmet, foodie

For another classic Stockholm delicacy set your coordinates to Ett Hem, designed by interior design legend Ilse Crawford and a cosy style den that is a true home away from home - probably, even nicer. 


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