Norwegian WILD REINDEER CENTRE PAVILLION is located in the Dovrefjell National Park and overlooks the magnificent Snøhetta Mountain itself.
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With more Kingdoms than an episode of the Game of Thrones, much of which was filmed in beaut Scandinavia – the culture Vikings of Sweden, Denmark & Norway have conquered the worlds of art, food, design, fashion & architecture. 

We get close to the kinsfolk of Scandinavia this week in your fab Sunday Scandi Edit -  without a mention of Trolls, Garbo, Munch, Volvo, Lego or that Mamma Mia band. 
Meet The Scandinavians – beyond the Loganberry.

Hotels that challenge monotony with absolute ease. 

Our 3 hotels in Scandinavia are completely individualistic - no two the same, each with a creative DNA that defines the hotel and sets them wonderfully apart.

Herangtunet Boutique Hotel

Valdres, Norway

The Scandinavians

Creative duo Marco & Marie-José Robeerst clearly fell in love with this Norwegian location and it too has captured their imagination for creating a boutique hotel of style, naturalness and originality. Herangtunet Boutique Hotel is wonderfully lost, wrapped in a carpet of nature.

Juvet Landscape hotel

Alstad, Norway

The Scandinavians

Knut Slinning is a maverick at heart, a proud Norwegian and a man with a clear vision. Despite the overwhelming acclaim for his hotel project, Knut remains firmly with boots on his beloved Norwegian ground. He has a compelling respect for nature, locality and originality - something that can be felt at his Juvet Landscape Hotel.

Hotel Flora

Gothenburg, Sweden

The Scandinavians

Together this is the charismatic Scandi couple behind the fashionable Hotel Flora, who love quaffing over a chilled Pinot Noir, adore New York and are most definitely made in Sweden. Home to the fashion scene of town, this den is playful, casual and fun and the perfect place to stay in 'little London'.

The Scandinavian kinsfolk of cool

Meet the kinsfolk of Scandinavia who collectively make it one of our favourite corners of the globe, so very hot, even in the depths of winter John Snow.

gourmet bakeries

Stockholm, Sweden

The Scandinavians

An 'in the know' guide to Stockholm's gourmet bakeries, from Michelin-starred to old favourites - this is a A MUST-DO FIKA LIST for all travelling foodies. 

Thomas Sandell

Stockholm, Sweden

The Scandinavians - Thomas Sandell, desginer, Stockholm, Sweden Thomas Sandell design furniture Stocjholm, Sweden

Stocked with handpicked modern furniture, accessories, and home design pieces, ASPLUND also sells its own popular line of goods — many created in collaboration with acclaimed designer Thomas Sandell.


Discover the last of the wild reindeer herds in Europe. The fabulously designed Norwegian WILD REINDEER CENTRE PAVILLION is located in the Dovrefjell National Park and overlooks the magnificent Snøhetta Mountain itself.


Stockholm, Sweden

The Scandinavians

Located inside the Industricentralen, GALLERI CHARLOTTE LUND's 200 square-meter exhibition space is frequently a popular guest of such art world events as Art Basel and the Armory Show, and has hosted many of the country’s most innovative photo and video works.



The Scandinavians - ARTSCAPE Norway

ARTSCAPE NORDLAND, a permanent exhibition of 33 spectacular sculptures adorning 32 Norwegian municipalities.


Stockholm, Sweden

The Scandinavians - Alexander STUTTERHEIM, founder of the rain coat brand based in Sweden STUTTERHEIM rain coats made in Sweden

Founder Alexander STUTTERHEIM took his grandfather’s raincoat as the blueprint for the label’s cornerstone, ‘The Stockholm’ raincoat. Handmade in an exclusively developed water resistant lightweight and breathable coated cotton, the hooded raincoat has a minimal amount of detail, honoring the tenets of Scandi design aesthetics. 


Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm holds its annual JAZZ FESTIVAL from the 6th – 15th of October and it is easily one of the trendiest and most musically inspiring events in the calendar.


Valdres, Norway

The Scandinavians  - Rakfisk Festival - traditional Norwegian fermented fish

Embrace the snow and taste the rakfisk (that's semi fermented trout - be brave now) at Valdres’ annual RAKFISK FESTIVAL Norway.


Stockholm, Sweden

The Scandinavians - Lars Fredriksson founder of skin care product series, VERSO Scandinavian nature - inspiration for Lars Fredriksson, founder of skincare range, VERSO.

Lars Fredriksson was no stranger to innovative skincare when he developed VERSO, a brand that was launched in 2013. Minimizing skin exposure to unnecessary ingredients, Verso’s products are high quality and add easy to everyday life.


Gothenburg, Sweden

The Scandinavians- Victor Hasselblad - before Instagram, Photographer, Gothenburg, Sweden

A Swedish Instagram influencer born long before his time, Gothenburg’s photography icon, HASSELBLAD, could never have fathomed the impact he would one day have.


Halmstad, Sweden

The Scandinavians- Surfing in Stockholm, PORRIDGE BAY SURF CLUB, Halmstad

Surf in Sweden? Not all secrets can be kept forever - head just south of Gothenburg from Åsa down to the hometown of the PORRIDGE BAY SURF CLUB, Halmstad, is said to be the best stretch overall. 


Gothenburg, Sweden

The Scandinavians - Design Festival Gothenburg, Sweden The Scandinavians - Design Festival Gothenburg, Sweden

Sweden’s renowned craft and design school, HDK’s most recent addition is A-venue: a gallery on the city’s main drag. Still in its fledgling stage, A-venue hopes to become the it-destination for new and interesting art and design in Gothenburg. It has also become the creator and host of the newly launched GOTHENBURG DESIGN FESTIVAL.


Stockholm, Sweden

Josef Frank & Estrid Ericson founders of Interior desgin shop Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm - The Scandinavians

Located on Strandvägen, Stockholm, SVENSKT TENN was founded in 1924 by Estrid Ericson and the Swedish-Austrian architect and designer Josef Frank. Focussing for almost 100 years on the best in Swedish textiles and furniture design, today the shop sells a medley of modern classics, artisanal gifts, glass and pottery objects, and a range of goods by young and established designers.


Gothenburg, Sweden

The Scandinavians  - Maria Erixon creator, woner and founder of cult Jean brand Nudie - based in gothenburg, Sweden Nudi Jeans  - The Scandinavians

Ever wanted to know the background story about Sweden's cult brand NUDIE JEANS of Gothenburg, from the way-ahead-of-its-time conception of Maria Erixon to the present day.

Foodie Guide

Gothenburg, Sweden

For the gourmand these culinary highlights are ranked among some of the best in the Nordics and a must-do GOTHENBURG FOR SERIOUS FOODIES.

Ilse Crawford

London, UK

Ilse Crawford  - designer, academic, thinker and creator of the Ett Hem in Stockholm - London based agency Studio Ilse

Ilse Crawford - Danish at heart - is a London-based designer, academic and creative director whose philosophy of well-being and 'making you feel at home' have made STUDIOILSE an international name.

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