Vibskov, Copenhagen, fashion, style, design
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Henrik Vibskov - Copenhagen's Fashion Rebel

When it comes to slightly eccentric fashion designers, Copenhagen counts - well, just the one - Henrik Vibskov. 

A Danish design icon, Vibskov’s style and creativity reach to the outer edges of fashion, first making waves with his quintessential, celebrated ‘Piggy’ series.

Terming fashion “a fast reflection”, Vibskov hints at design, style and fashion’s conceptual proximity to art, and its intrinsic nature that is always evolving at a faster pace.

To Vibskov, fashion is all about “how we act as characters, how we introduce ourselves in a new environment.”

Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in London in 2001, Copenhagen-based Vibskov has accomplished much in his career.

Known for his avant-garde style that is always colourful and imaginative, as well as for his menswear and womenswear collections that make use of quirky folk influences and unconventional colour combinations and patterns, Vibskov made fashion-wide waves with his ‘Piggy’ series, designs featuring patterns of pigs, pig-shaped bags and Palestinian scarves featuring the animal. 

Vibskov, Copenhagen, fashion, style, design, menswear  Vibskov, Copenhagen, fashion, style, design, scarf

Copenhagen can be described as an intimate creative enclave where people can go about their visions in peace and quiet, yet even though Nordic style is often equated with Scandinavian minimalism, Vibskov continually shows that this view is too narrow, that Copenhagen’s multiculturalism gives way to his eclectic style and sensibility. 

Vibskov, Copenhagen, fashion, style, design
Vibskov, Copenhagen, fashion, style, design Vibskov, Copenhagen, fashion, style, design

Vibskov opened a store in New York’s Manhattan, on Broome Street in 2011, and regardless of his sometimes outlandish designs, the craftsmanship of his pieces and the attention to detail with which they are made make them ever wearable and a striking style addition. 

His Copenhagen store in Krystalgade has been around since 2006, and is only a 7-minute bike ride away from Hotel Sanders - a boutique den of theatrical-luxe design in the centre of the Royal District - the ideal starting point to get to know Henrik Vibskov’s quirky design aesthetic.

Vibskov, Copenhagen, fashion, style, design, womenswear Vibskov, Copenhagen, fashion, style, design, womenswear
womenswear, Vibskov, Copenhagen, fashion, style, design

From one style icon to another, Sanders is Copenhagen's new bastion of bohemian elegance and cool theatrical glamour, set to be the cultural mingling hub of the creative elite when it opens in late summer. Book now for a cool cat break to look forward to.


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