Areal view fo the famous Caldera on Santorini from the luxury pool of Aenaon Villas

Caldera Romance

Typical island archtecture, Aenaon Luxury Villas, Santorini, Cyclades, Greece

Caldera Romance

Infinity pool of Aenaon Villas overlooking the famous Caldera on Santorini

Caldera Romance

Cycladic architecture at Aenaon Villas, Santorini, Greece, blue & white

Caldera Romance

Sunset Caldera from the infinity pool of Aenaon Villas Santorini

Caldera Romance

Caldera-watching on the island of Santorini is as natural as the Aegean is blue, and from your style perch here, you can enjoy this wonder without the crowds - this is the true front-row luxury.


Aenaon Villas Santorini is a contemporary residence of boutique luxury suites perched on the very edge of the famous Caldera, the hotel's romantic secluded position sees it set between Imerovigli and Oia. 

Black & White photograph detailing the curved rooftops of Aenaon Villas Santorini, Greece

Santorini is more than just a place for honeymooners – although we see why they flock here – it is a place of mystical proportions, jaw-dropping Caldera vistas and awe-inspiring natural beauty, where the panoramic villages cling to the steep slopes reminiscent of cream running down the sides of a cake berg.

Aenaon Villas Santorini is like a boutique hotel, but with the luxury of something more private, born of a dream 15 years in the making. You get a sense of the exact detailing that has been bestowed on these luxury villas perched high on the rocks, with dramatic views and boutique interiors that marry with sensitivity to the Santorini landscape, customs and climate. This is no ordinary build on the edge of the Caldera.

Luxurious swimming pool of Aenaon Villas Santorini overlooking the famous Caldera, dreaming
Interior Cycladic house on Santorinin from Aenaon Villas in white design Blue & White Cycladic architecture, curves, Mediterranean on Santorini, Aenaon Villas, Greece

Smooth layered white interiors reference contemporary lines of design, which are cleverly provoked by the traditional crafted elements of sun bleached woods and quarried stone – this is the signature of identity, locality and the simplicity of luxury.

Sun set Caldera View Santorini, from Aenaon Villas, deck chairs, rose sky, Greece, Cyclades

Aenaon Villas has soul, and captures the mystical spirit of the once charred island of Santorini using a smooth natural tone against the unmistakable blue of the Aegean.

Fabulously dressed in Cyclades white, the roomy suites capture the magic of the island with little design touches that make all the difference- this will be a hard place for your to leave


Villa Elidami - Romantic Suite, Interior in cool white design, Aenaon Villas Santorini, Greece
Traditional Bedroom in white of the Villa Feggeri, Aenaon Villas Santorini, Greece
Villa Marily - Luxury lounge in cool Cycladic style, Aenaon Villas Santorini, Greece
Aneaon Villas deluxe bedroom in whites, Villa Anezina on the island of Santorini, Greece
Cool white interior design at Aenaon Villas - Villa Zaneti on Santorini
Aenaon Villas interior of the Villa Kalisti in Cycladic cool white design on Santorini


Serenity is at the foundation of Aenaon Villas - so when they came to design the spaces around the villas, they opted for a tasty room-pool-service concept rather than a full kitchen. Simple tastes of the island, including the sweetest Santorini tomatoes you have ever tasted, are matched with fond favourites from breakfast on your private terrace looking into the infinity of the Caldera, to lunchtime's classic Greek salad served poolside, to a little pre-sundown snack - you won't starve here.  

Detail photograpgh, white and shade featuring fruit bowl, Santorini life at Aenaon Villas

Some of the villas have a kitchenette so you can opt to cook yourself - or pop out to dine in one of the owner's listed top 10 restaurants, all a short drive away - tried and tested of course, the owners know each place personally so you get to be treated like a local rather than a visitor - delish.  


Giorgos and Alexandra Alexiou are simply two of the nicest people you can ever meet, a couple who infuse you with their beautiful Greekness. They are the brains, hands and creative duo behind Aenaon Villas - Giorgos has the architectural eye and Alexandra is the hand of style that narrates the soul of this Santorini abode in pure white – her favourite colour.

Aenaon Villas owned by Giorgos and Alexandra Alexiou, Santorini, Greece

“Doing something crazy was not always easy and our drive to create something different not always logical, but it was the best thing we ever did. We found our special spot on the edge of the Caldera itself.”  

This couple, as hosts, are rare to find, and we are glad we found them for you. 


Location next to style is key when visiting the sun-kissed Cycladic Island of Santorini, as it is all about that view of the Caldera. Aenaon Villas smashes this at every level, sitting on a very secluded plateau on the edge of the Caldera, just between the villages of Imerovigli and enchanting Oia. 

This special spot means you get your very own slice of uninterrupted Caldera views, gaze into infinity from pool and sun loungers, all void of the crowds. Aenaon Villas is a romantic boutique setting nearby to beaches, vineyards, ports and villages.    

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